• Testimoni from Value Alignment X8

1. Wiwin Ghobind ( Direktur PT GFC Terpadu )

I thank you very much for your time and advice for X8. The values we update together will be very useful for the people when they go back to their various stations. I believe this strongly. The second day’s coaching about sales skills, I believe can give the supv tools to improve their sales. All in all, these two days have been an encouragement and enlightening experience.

Thank You !

2. Natascha Ghobind

The past two days weren’t any other ordinary days, but a turning point for my life. It made me realise how thankful I should be for the things that turned from impossible to posside. And even more for the opportunity for me to learn to focus an my future impossible to posside.

Thank you for the many lessons I have learnt.