Change Management & Leadership Development Program

Every day, a leader with a good idea fails at change management. Most fail because they can’t get beyond vision. Successful leaders need to take a holistic approach to organizational change, breakthrough and science of achievement: working top-down to influence stakeholders and mobilize support, and bottom-up to keep projects and people moving forward. Influence & inner motivation is the most important skills in Leadership.

Employee disengagement is at an all time high, costing U.S. organizations over $300 billion per year (according to Gallup’s conservative estimate). Data from Gallup also states that 96% of engaged employees trust their companies, while only 46% of disengaged employees do.  Deloitte LLP states that one-third of working Americans say they will try to find a new job once the recession is over, and 48% of that group cited losing trust in their employer as being the primary factor.

Lack of trust is never about other people, it’s always about internal self confidence. If company are able to motivate and improve employee’s self confidence, they will eventually ready to accept any change, challenges and move towards success.

TCI Leadership training sessions are designed for those who are looking to learn better leadership skills, unlock highest potential, dealing with changing environment which can then be readily deployed back into their own business environment.  We have seen changes happening from almost every market area, every geography, every job type from different department, from the CEO, to the new recruit fresh out of college using our peak performance system.
Here’s Some Example of dysfunction of a team
  • Suspicion of leader’s motives
  • Lack of accountability
  • Manipulation of information or data
  • Focusing on activities, not on company’s goals
  • Disguise or hiding valuable information
  • Blind loyalty, Silos and disintegrated workforce
  • Not listening to those closest to the work
  • Double-talk
  • Narrow decision making
Our Objective:
  • Project Leaders will learn how to motivate employees to respond change with enthusiasm.
  • C- Level will see organization staff support and become practically involved with breakthrough programs rather than resistance buy building trust.
  • Team will learn to have more influence on other people both within the organization, your partners and customers.
  • To teach simple, insightful ways to interact more positively to achieve organizational success
  • To show how to find motivation become easy and effortless.
  • And to help participants How to maintain positive attitude towards change.
What We Will Cover:
  • Importance of change
  • Universal Laws of Breakthrough & Transformation
  • Powerful Formula For Change
·      Managing change vs Value alignment
·      Personal dreams, goals, action plan
·      Negative Belief Buster System
·      Seizing The Power That Is Already Within You
·      Increase confidence and self esteem
09.00 – 10.3009.00 – 10.30
·      Ice Breaking
·      Activating Left&Right Brain For Improving Emotional Intelligence
·      6 Universal Law Of Breakthrough
·      Impossible To Possible Exercise
·      Understanding Change
·      Formula For Change
10.30 – 10.45 Break
10.45 – 12.00
·      Dream & Goal Setting Exercise To Respond Change
·      Cycle Of Business
·      Leadership For Effective Culture
·      Values and Belief system that shapes your identity
·      Be-Do-Have thinking system
·      Closing
Tom MC Ifle
Indonesia’s #1 Success Coach
Lean Six Sigma Coach
Chief Executive Officer 
PT. Aubade Makmur

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